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The Gate Keeper Of Freedom

Make El Paso County Free Again

     As an immigrant, as an American, it is within me, to create a legacy that will transcend our own lives and have lasting effects on the lives of other Americans. I believe the Founders were reflecting upon this when creating our Republic, our Country, the United States of America. These ordinary men gave life to something unheard of; a Constitutional Republic founded upon law, sovereignty, and individual liberty. They created a legacy that not only transcends their own lives but will transcend time. Believing that each generation would pass on these principles to the next, that they would reflect upon their knowledge, courage, judgment, and intellectual competency. I am working toward protecting these gifts for my family and yours and future generations to come.


Defending Education

          The Democrats have declared war on our children and are fighting this war through our schools. Our leaders have failed to protect our students and their families, jeopardizing the future of our Republic. We must stand and fight to defend our children, teach them well, educate them, not indoctrinate them with ideologies that are in opposition to our values and our identity as Coloradans.


As HD 21 Representative:

  • I will fight the ideological war in our schools.  I will fight laws that advance progressive socialist indoctrination programs such as Critical Race Theory or Social-Emotional Learning.

  • I will not support any legislation that threatens the freedoms of homeschool families.

  • I will fight to expand school choice options.


         I find it rather alarming and upsetting that our elected officials repeatedly seek to undermine TABOR. TABOR was enacted by the voters to ensure they have a voice on whether or not to increase the taxes they pay, and the debt government incurs. 

As HD 21 Representative:


  • Fight laws that seek to weaken YOUR constitutional right to increase taxes and debt.


  • The time has come for us to move away from property taxes in Colorado, giving people the Coloradan dream of owning their homes, their property. Before we declared a system of taxation based upon income in America, taxation was based upon consumption. There are those who refer to this as a Fair Tax. We must abolish property taxes in Colorado and replace them with a tax based on consumption.


  • I will fight to reform what’s left of the Gallagher Amendment and reduce the business personal property taxes.

Gun Rights

    An armed man is a defender of his family and his country. A disarmed man is a subject to his government. Self-defense is a natural right vested in the United States Constitution for the protection of life, liberty, and property. The first step a communist government takes in reaching power is confiscating guns from their citizens.


As HD 21 Representative:


  • I will oppose any legislation that disrupts our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

  • Colorado will be a beacon for gun rights and self-defense for the nation.

Medical Freedom

    Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the people of Colorado have witnessed their leaders completely overstep their boundaries to make collective health decisions, such as mask mandates and vaccination requirements, that should have been up to individuals in the first place. I believe each person is responsible for their own personal health and healthcare decisions and that our government should not dictate these private medical decisions.


As HD 21 Representative:


  • I will fight to halt the implementation of vaccine mandates here in Colorado. It amazes me how the left continues to use the argument of “my body my choice” to justify abortion, yet, somehow, they believe it is completely ethical to mandate experimental vaccines for a virus with a 99.98 percent recovery rate. I believe that the choice of COVID-19 vaccination should be up to an individual and not to governments or crony corporate officials.


Energy Independence

     Colorado is blessed by God with unimaginable energy resources. Thanks to Colorado, America can be energy independent and able to produce, consume, and export those critical resources. Energy security is a critical aspect of our economic and national security. As well, it is an industry that provides an exceptional quality of life for all who work in that area, something we must protect. We cannot allow Colorado to fall under the spell of the delusion called the Green New Deal.

As HD 21 Representative:

  • I will adamantly support our oil and gas industry.  We must have a diversified energy portfolio of reliable, safe, and dependable energy sources. We cannot depend upon renewable energy to be our sole source of energy distribution.

  • If companies want to compete in the free market, then they can compete without taxpayer-funded subsidies.

  • For too long, we’ve let critical components of our state’s infrastructure slip away and fall into the hands of foreign investors. I will put Colorado first and seek to create laws that protect our infrastructure.

  • I will seek to create a security commission to ensure protection from attacks to our state’s energy system.

  • Colorado will continue to find new markets for our oil and gas resources, enabling other countries to have a choice, rather than being held hostage by our government and adversarial nations.

Election Integrity

      In the wake of the 2020 General Election, many Coloradans have questioned the reliability of our state’s election systems, as there are several reports of election fraud cases under investigation. One of the cornerstones of our representative Republic is the right to free and fair elections, so I believe that it is important to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that the residents of Colorado have complete confidence in our elections.

As HD 21 Representative:


  • I will support the use of voter ID to ensure each person legally able to cast a vote can do so with the confidence that their vote is counted and counted correctly.


  • I will fight abolish mail-in-ballots until security measures are put in place to ensure free and fair elections.


  • I will fight to ensure the Secretary of State and our County Clerk and Recorders clean up their voter rolls.


Rule of Law

     Whenever I hear the Democrats say that America is a democracy, I cringe. America is a Constitutional Republic, the foundation of a Republic is its rule of law, and we call that the Constitution. It is the Constitution of the United States of America to which I took an oath to support and defend from all enemies foreign and domestic, and likewise, I will do the same for the Colorado Constitution.

As HD 21 Representative:


  •  I will stand against Colorado cities that implement policies to undermine our law enforcement agencies, such as defunding them and taking away qualified immunity.

  • I support the rule of law, we must have law and order. I pledge my full support to our Colorado law enforcement agencies. I stand with the Thin Blue Line but will not tolerate individual law enforcement officers who violate the trust Colorado citizens have placed in them.

  • I will not allow cities in Colorado to become tyrannical fiefdoms that undermine liberty.

Protecting Children and Families

     We must protect our children and teach them well, educate them, and not indoctrinate them with ideologies that are antithetical to Colorado, and our foundation.

As HD 21 Representative:


  • I will fight to end the practice of using abortion as birth control. 

  • We must end or not allow child gender modification in Colorado. It is unconscionable that we are chemically and physically castrating our children in Colorado and healthy tissue and body parts mutilated. We must stop the indoctrination of our children with this dangerous delusion and mental illness called gender dysphoria.

  • I will fight to end sex and human trafficking in Colorado.  I will introduce legislation to go after and harshly punish those who profit from the exploitation of our children and the trafficking of human beings. We must protect our children by not allowing monsters to take away their innocence.

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